1- Where is your shop located? 

We do not have a storefront location, so we operate via online reservations. Very rarely do we take same-day rentals. Our service includes delivery and pick up your hotel, condo, house; if you’re arriving on the ferry or a cruise ship we’ve got meeting points within walking distance of each pier. When your booking is confirmed we’ll send you an email with more details about where and when we’ll meet you with the bikes.

2- Can I go to see your bikes? 

While we don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop, our site has photos of all our bikes with descriptions including suggested heights for the riders and other details. If you check out the photos and descriptions and still aren’t sure which bike is for you, no worries — just make sure when you fill out the online request form to note your riders’ heights and tell us a bit about what kind of biking you’d like to do (easy riding around town? long ride around the island?). We’ll help you make a selection.

3- Where do I pick up the bikes?

Our service includes bike delivery and pick up. Just tell us where you’re staying and we’ll bring the bike to you. If you’re arriving on a ferry or cruise ship, we’ll explain how to get to a meeting point within walking distance of your pier (less than a 5 minute walk for the ferry pier or Punta Langosta; a 20-minute walk for Puerta Maya or TMM Int’l).

4 – What are your hours of operation?

When you book your bikes, we’ll work with you to find delivery and pick up times that work for everyone. Please bear in mind that we’ve got families at home that need our love and attention: so if you make a last-minute reservation request, send us a text message or email us after 7 PM, we may not be available to respond until the following morning.

5 – Do I need to book in advance or can I reserve the same day?

We are an online-booking company and we deal almost exclusively with advance reservations. We highly recommend making your reservation ahead of time. It’s easy, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a bike in your size is waiting for you upon your arrival — one less thing to stress about when you’re on vacation!

If you wait until the last minute we may not be able to accommodate your needs, though you are most welcome to contact us last minute and see what we’ve got available. If you make a last minute request, please read this first.

You can make a reservation (or even just make an inquiry and get a quote) by going to our Reservations page and filling out our online request.

6 – I’m coming on a Cruise Ship for the day. Are you going to meet me at the docking pier?

We can’t park and unload bikes right at the Pier, but we have designated meeting points within walking distance of each pier. For the ferry pier the meeting point is less than a 5 minute walk, from Punta Langosta it’s a 5 minute walk, and from Puerta Maya or TMM Int’l it’s approximately 20 minutes. When we confirm your reservation we’ll send an email with more details about getting to your meeting point.

When you fill out the online reservation request you will be asked at which Pier your cruise ship will dock.  In Cozumel we have 3 different Cruise ship piers, so it’s really important that you know which one is yours. (Click here to see the 2017 cruise ship schedule).

Please take a moment to read this if you will be visiting on a Cruise Ship!

7 – What time zone do you use?

When we agree on a time for delivery, we always use COZUMEL TIME, never “Cruise Ship Time.” Every Cruise ship has different times (and that would make things very confusing!).  If you don’t show up, we consider it a “no show.”

8 – What if I’m late for our scheduled meeting time?

We have many deliveries scheduled each day, and we’re often on a tight schedule. Should we need to make a second trip to your location because you were not present at our scheduled meeting time, we will charge a fee (10 usd). If you anticipate being significantly late, please contact us via text or email to let us know. (We do not guarantee being able to accommodate last-minute schedule changes — please only text or email us regarding a schedule change if you have an unforeseen emergency, e.g. a flight delay).

9 – What’s your refund policy?

Our refund policy is based on how much notice you give when you cancel your reservation. If you CANCEL your reservation

  • at least 3 weeks before your scheduled bike delivery we will refund 100% of your total rental price.
  • up to one week before your scheduled bike delivery we will refund 50% of your total rental price.
  • up to 48 hours before your scheduled bike delivery we will refund 15% of your total rental price.

We DO NOT give refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the start of the rental, during the rental, or for “no shows.”

10 – What do you consider a full day and a half day? 

When we calculate the length of your rental we don’t use 24-hour rental days. Instead, we divide the day in two halves; before noon and after noon. Any portion of a day (up until noon) is considered a half day, and any portion of a day from noon on is also considered a half day.

For example:

  • A rental beginning on Wednesday at 3pm and ending on Thursday at 7pm is a 1.5-day rental (half a day on Wednesday, and a full day on Thursday).
  • A rental beginning on Monday at 8am and ending that same day at 5pm is a one-day rental.
  • A rental beginning on Friday at 10am and ending on Sunday at 10am is a 2.5-day rental (a full day on Friday, a full day on Saturday, and a half-day on Sunday).

11 –  Can I rent for just a portion of one day?

Of course! If you’re renting for only a portion of a single day, we consider it a full day rental in terms of the price.

12 – Can you help me if I get a flat tire or something?

If you plan on making the loop around the island we always recommend that you rent an Emergency Kit that comes with what you need for basic maintenance issues.

If you don’t feel comfortable making repairs on your own, we have road assistance service available for an additional charge.

  • We can pick up your bikes and bring them back to town (25 usd). We’re not permitted to transport customers in our delivery truck.
  • We can fix the bike so that you can continue riding – 15 usd plus the cost of whatever materials are needed to repair the bike (e.g. a new tube costs 10 usd).

The charges listed above would be deducted from your security deposit. Please keep in mind that getting to the other side of the island can take some time. As we have deliveries and pickups scheduled throughout the day, we are not always immediately available to provide road assistance. If you contact us for help we will assist you as soon as we are able.

13 – I don’t have a PayPal account. Why can’t I just pay the full amount in cash when you deliver my bike? And why can’t I just give you my credit card number? We ask for full payment in advance for security reasons and because, unfortunately, we’ve had one too many instances in which we reserve bikes for a customer who hasn’t paid, turn down other customers who request those same bikes, load the bikes on our truck and drive to meet someone who simply doesn’t show up. PayPal is very easy to use. When you receive our email payment request, you will be prompted to either sign in or pay as a guest without opening an account. Then you can simply use your credit card to pay. We hope you appreciate the fact that you can pay securely through a trusted online payment system rather than sending any sensitive information to us directly over email.

14 – Will you refund the security deposit at the end of my rental? How long until you process the refund? We require that you pre-pay a security deposit (150 usd total for up to 3 hybrids or mountain bikes, 250 usd for each road bike, and for rentals of 4 or more bikes please consult us directly to receive a quote).   The security deposit is fully refundable at the end of your rental period. For a complete list of security deposit deductions and replacement costs, please click here We generally process your security deposit refund within 48 hours of picking up your bikes.

15 – Is it safe to bike ride in Cozumel? Cozumel is a safe place to ride, though you have to use the same common sense and precautions you’d use when riding anywhere, e.g. use a helmet and don’t make assumptions about drivers having seen you. Once you are outside of town you can find a designated bike path along the coast (one goes north; the other goes south and all the way around the eastern side of the island, then looping back into town). On the bike paths you may see scooters, and cars use them just for entering or exiting hotels and beach clubs.

16 – I want to ride the loop around the island. What do I need to know? The island loop is about 64 kilometers or 40 miles. The ride can take anywhere from 2.5 hours to 5 hours — depending of course on your level of experience and whether or not you make stops. If you plan on making the loop, we recommend that you:

  • rent an emergency toolkit in case you need to do any basic maintenance
  • bring drinking water
  • bring some money — there are several restaurants/bars where you can get a bite to eat or a cool drink
  • start early in the day — much of your ride will be without shade!
  • start by going south and coming up the eastern side
  • be prepared for little to no cell coverage for much of the route

17 – Is it mandatory that I use a helmet? Helmets are not mandatory, though we highly recommend using them and always offer them when we deliver your bike. One helmet per bike is included in your rental price.

18 – Do you have children’s bikes? At this time we don’t have bikes that are specifically for kids, though we do have some adult bikes with small frames, and we have a baby seat that can be attached to most bikes (though we adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s suggested weight limit!). When you fill out your online request let us know in the “comments” section about the child’s age, height, and weight and we’ll let you know if any of our bikes would be appropriate for your young rider.

19 – I’m going to participate in an upcoming triathlon/race. Can you do a bike fit? We don’t specialize in bike fits. However, when we deliver your bike we will be more than happy to help you adjust your stem, seat height, and install your pedals if you’ve got your own.

20- Can you put on my pedals? Yes

21 – Do you rent pedals? Yes, we have Look Keo, Delta, Shimano SPD and Shimano SPD-SL. Cost is 2 dollars per day.

22 – Do you have bike shoes? No, those you have to bring.