Replacement costs, damages and other fees/charges

Road assistance/maintenance (outside of town) US$15-25 (depending on location) plus cost of replacement materials
“Rescue Service” (to pick up your bikes and bring them back to town) US$25
“Second Delivery Fee” (If you are not present at our scheduled meeting time and require us to make a second trip to deliver or pick up your bikes) US$15
Bike switch fee (If you’re not satisfied with your bike and if we have a substitute bike available in your size) (outside of town) US$15
Bike Pick up or Dropoff on the other side of the island (e.g. Mezcalitos, Punta Sur or Ventanas al Mar) US$30 (one way)
Bicycle (ROAD) US$3,500
Helmet US$35
Lock US$35
Topeak Trolleytote folding rear basket (optional accessory) US$68
Rear foldable basket (optional accessory) US$30
Front basket (optional accessory) US$20
Light (optional accessory) US$15
Tools (optional accessory) US$18
Lever (optional accessory) US$5
Broken Chain – ROAD US$50
CO2 adaptor (optional accessory) US$20
Tool bag (optional accessory) US$15
Gel seat cover (optional accessory) US$29
Air mini pump (optional accessory) US$50
Clipless pedals (optional accessory) US$70
Damaged seat – MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$45
Damaged seat – ROAD US$100
Damaged wheel – ROAD bikes US$200
Damaged wheel – MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$100
Broken Shifter/levers – MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$50
Broken Shifter/levers – ROAD US$200
Broken Derailleur- MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$50
Broken Derailleur- ROAD US$140
Tube US$10
C02 cartridge US$7
Lost water bottle US$15
Broken water bottle cage US$15