Caroline D.

Caroline D.

2 sport hybrid bikes

Delivery: April 2nd at 8:30 am

Pick up: April 7th at 5 pm. 

Rental includes

  • helmets
  • locks
  • reusable water bottles
  • delivery and pick up from your hotel

Please take a moment to review our REFUND POLICY:

If you cancel your reservation

  • at least 3 weeks before your start date - 100% refund.
  • up to one week before your start date - 50% refund.
  • up to 48 hours before the start of your rental-  15 % refund
  • within 48 hours of the start of the rental, during the rental, or if you don't show up - we do not provide a refund.

Make sure to select the quantity if you want to reserve multiple bikes.

Total due with visa or mastercard:

MX$176.35 (tax)
Total: MX$3,775.35