Security Deposit

We require a security deposit for your rental (150 usd total for up to three hybrids or mountain bikes; 250 usd per road bike; consult us directly for more info if you’re renting four or more bikes).  The security deposit is fully refundable at the end of your rental period assuming no loss, damage, need for roadside assistance, use of materials from your emergency toolkit, or failure to show up at our scheduled meeting time. See below for a detailed list of security deposit deductions.

Security Deposit Deductions and Replacement Costs

Road assistance/maintenance (outside of town) US$15 plus cost of replacement materials
“Rescue Service” (to pick up your bikes and bring them back to town) US$25
“Second Delivery Fee” (If you are not present at our scheduled meeting time and require us to make a second trip to deliver or pick up your bikes) US$15
Bike switch fee (If you’re not satisfied with your bike and if we have a substitute bike available in your size) (outside of town) US$15
Bike Pick up or Dropoff on the other side of the island (e.g. Mezcalitos, Punta Sur or Ventanas al Mar) US$30 (one way)
Bicycle (ROAD) US$2,000
Bicycle (TT) US$4,000
Helmet US$35
Lock US$35
Trolleytote folding rear basket (optional accessory) US$68
Folding wireframe rear basket (optional accessory) US$30
Light (optional accessory) US$15
Tools (optional accessory) US$15
Lever (optional accessory) US$3
CO2 adaptor (optional accessory) US$18
Tool bag (optional accessory) US$10
Gel seat cover (optional accessory) US$29
Carbon Seat post (road bikes) US$100
Air mini pump (optional accessory) US$50
Clipless pedals (optional accessory) US$70
Damaged seat – MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$35
Damaged wheel – ROAD bikes US$200
Damaged wheel – MTB/HYBRID/CRUISER US$100
Broken spoke US$10
Tube US$10
C02 cartridge US$6
Lost water bottle US$15
Broken water bottle cage US$15
Broken road bike saddle US$50
Broken hybrid bike saddle US$20